Concert performances of Liszt's Douze études d'exécution transcendante

The list is cronological with respect to date of performance. It is certainly work in progress and I welcome any additions or corrections.

Many thanks to Francis Romano for providing several additions to an earlier version of this concertography.

Apart from a few early performances, only concerts including the complete set are listed.

Discography, including non-commercial recordings of concert performances, is found here.

Year Date Pianist Comments
1838 18 April
2 May
Franz Liszt Concerts in Vienna

Études nos. 6 and 9

1837 version, S.137
1879 22 October Walter Bache All-Liszt recital, St. James's Hall, London

Études nos. 3 and 8
1887 21 February Walter Bache All-Liszt recital, St. James's Hall, London

A group of études
1903 7 February Ferruccio Busoni Beethoven-Saal, Berlin

World premiere performance of the complete set. Circumstantial evidence
suggests that it was a performance of the 1837 version.
1904 15 December Ferruccio Busoni Beethoven-Saal, Berlin

This could be the world premiere performance of the 1851 version if
it was the 1837 version that Busoni performed at same venue in 1903.

At same concert Busoni also performed Liszt's Paganini études, S.141.
1907 5 November Gottfried Staub Stadt-Casino, Basel
1911 31 October Ferruccio Busoni Concert in Berlin

First of six consecutive all-Liszt recitals commemorating Liszt's
one-hundredth birthday.
1925 28 March Adolphe Borchard Salle des concerts du Conservatoire, Paris
1927 25 September Egon Petri Krakow, Poland
1930 16 January José Iturbi Carnegie Hall, New York
1936 April Sigfrid Grundeis Concert in Berlin
1943 21 October Jean Doyen Salle Pleyel, Paris
1957 25 October Earl Wild Town Hall, New York
1967 ? Jorge Bolet Carnegie Hall, New York
? John Ogdon Town Hall, New York

At same concert Ogdon performed Liszt's Sonata and Czardas Macabre
1968 1 February John Ogdon Queen Elisabeth Hall, London
1968 1 May Gunnar Johansen University of Wisconsin
1970 11 October Jorge Bolet Refer discography
1971 24 February Jorge Bolet Stuttgart, Germany
1971 n/a Joseph Banowetz Refer discography
1973 19 January Russell Sherman Jordan Hall, Boston
1976 29 April Lazar Berman Refer discography
1976 3 November Lazar Berman Refer discography
1977 3 December Russell Sherman Alice Tully Hall, New York
1979 2 November Jorge Bolet Refer discography
1979 4 November Leslie Howard Carnegie Hall (Weill Recital Hall), New York
c. 1979 n/a Michael Ponti Refer discography
197? n/a Carlo Vidusso Concert in Italy
197? n/a Daniel Rivera Concert in Italy
1980 4 June Michael Ponti Refer discography
1982 26 April Michael Ponti Refer discography
1986 19 January Roberto Cappello Refer discography
1986 3 April
Janina Fialkowska 92d Street Y, New York
Concert in Paris
Orchestra Hall, Chicago
El Camino College, Los Angeles
Concert in London with BBC
Concert in Canada with CBC

19 May
Janice Weber Longy School of Music, Boston
Concert in London
Concert in London

1837 version, S.137
1989 14 August Tzimon Barto Refer discography
1989 23 September Michael Ponti Refer discography
1990 6 March William Blaine Carnegie Hall (Weill Recital Hall), New York
1992 2 November Richard Cionco Mark Goodson Theater, New York
1993 20 November Victor Eresko Refer discography
1994 3 February Alexander Paley 1837 version, S.137

Refer discography
1996 n/a Boris Berezovsky Refer discography
1997 n/a Paolo Restani Refer discography
1999 8 March Gergely Bogányi Refer discography
1999 14 December Nelson Goerner Refer discography
2000 7 February Stanislav Yovanovitch Refer discography
2000 21 July Nelson Goerner Refer discography
2000 15 September Mikhail Lidsky Refer discography
2000 18 December Russell Sherman Alice Tully Hall, New York
2000 22 December Freddy Kempf Milan Conservatory, Italy
2001 10 July Boris Berezovsky Refer discography
2002 14 June Ian Hobson Wigmore Hall, London

1837 version, S.137
2002 4 August Boris Berezovsky Refer discography
2002 October Boris Berezovsky Refer discography
2003 29 May Dmytro Sukhovienko Refer discography
2004 23 June Russell Sherman Refer discography

Alice Sara Ott Herkulessaal, Munich
Ruhr Piano Festival
Basel, Switzerland
2009 9 June Boris Berezovsky Refer discography
2009 29 August Stefania Passamonte Refer discography
2009 16 November Chong Park National University Arts Center, Seoul
2010 27 May Maurizio Baglini Refer discography
2010 17 July Boris Berezovsky Refer discography
2011 27, 29, 30
Adam Neiman Benaroya Hall, Seattle

The complete set was divided among three recitals.
2011 1 March Ian Hobson Univervisity of Illinois

1837 version, S.137

At same concert Hobson also performed Chopin's études op. 25.
2011 27 May Dmytro Sukhovienko Refer discography
2011 12 August Daniel Rivera Parque de Espana, Rosario, Argentina
2011 24 September Gwhyneth Chen Refer discography
2011 6 October Csaba Király Refer discography
2011 7 October Boris Berezovsky Refer discography
2011 8 October Diego Suárez Refer discography
2011 12 October Mélodie Zhao Refer discography
2011 16 October Midori Arima Refer discography
2011 22 October Adam Neiman Trianon Theatre (then called Le Petit Trianon), San José, California

Performed on Liszt's 200th birthday
2011 n/a Boris Berezovsky Refer discography
2012 4 March Jean Muller Maarnicher Festival, Luxenbourg
2012 4 May
6 May
Mark Salman University Christian Church, Seattle
Concert in Bellingham.
2013 January Victor Krasovskiy Refer discography
2013 24 November Pierpaolo Levi Sala Sudasiri Sobha, Bangkok
2013 n/a Yoon Sejin Refer discography
2014 24 February
17 March
13 April
17 April
22 June
25 September
27 October
Jean Muller Philharmonie, Luxembourg
Salle Cortot, Paris
Alte Oper, Frankfurt
Konzerthaus, Berlin
Carnegie Hall, New York
Liederhalle, Stuttgart
Cadogan Hall, London
2014 17 September
19 September
21 September
23 September
22 October
12 November
10 December
17 December
József Balog Bistrita, Romania
Arcus, Romania
Birlad, Romania.
Iasi, Romania
Pécs, Hungary
Saygun Concert Hall, Izmir, Turkey
Debrecen, Hungary
Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest

30 August
1 September
30 September
7 November
5 December
9 December
3 February
4 February
13 March
Daniil Trifonov Queens's Hall, Edinburgh International Festival
Stadt-Casino, Basel
Royal Festival Hall, London
Auditorium Maurice Ravel, Lyon. Refer discography
Prinzregententheater, Munich
Carnegie Hall, New York. Refer discography
Sociedad Filarmónica, Bilbao
Grande Auditуrio, Lisbon
Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston

19 December
27 February
28 February
13 March
25 March
Andrei Gugnin Scriabin Museum, Moscow
The Music Room, Eelswamp, Thailand
The Music Room, Eelswamp, Thailand
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City
Scriabin Museum, Moscow
2015 23 February
9 March
11 May
12 May
14 May
18 June
23 July
7 August
17 August
Kirill Gerstein Rudolfinum, Prague
Zankel Hall, New York
House of Culture, Moravian Ostrava, Czech republic
Alicante, Spain
Wigmore Hall, London
Liszt Festival Raiding
St Francis Auditorium, Santa Fe
Auckland Museum, New Zealand
City Recital Hall, Sydney
2016 30 March Eduardus Halim Harvard Club, New York
2016 April Marianna Kapsetaki Refer discography
2016 30 September Gwhyneth Chen Rockefeller University, New York
2016 3 November Minkyu Kim Refer discography
2016 29 November Boris Berezovsky Carnegie Hall (Zankel Hall), New York
2017 10 August Dinara Klinton Refer discography
2019 15 February Asiya Korepanova Beston Hall, Rochester

As well as S.139, the concert included Ab Irato S.143,
Paganini Studies S.141, the Concert Studies S.144
and S.145, i.e. all Liszt's 24 études.

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