Discography of Liszt's Douze études d'exécution transcendante

The list is cronological with respect to date of recording. I welcome any additions or corrections.

Many thanks to Yuan Huang for suggesting numerous additions and corrections to an earlier version of this discography. Many thanks also to curator
Donald Manildi, International Piano Archives at Maryland (IPAM) for providing and confirming many details. Thanks also to Farhan Malik.

"Imagine yourself, an aesthete, seated in a candlelit salon circa 1838. Your are familiar with the works of Rossini, Mozart, Meyerbeer, some Beethoven;
Berlioz appalls you, Paganini frightens you, but Chopin, ah, there was a fine composer. You have never heard Der Ring des Nibelungen and have no
knowledge of phonographs or Freud. Out walks a tall, slender, very handsome figure. He is about to play an entire recital alone, without other musicians,
and most astoundingly, from memory. No one has dared these things before. The stranger seats himself at the piano and you wonder if his "Grand Etudes"
will be anything like those nasty exercises by Moscheles, Hummel, Clementi...." (Janice Weber)

"I have not seen any musician in whom musical feeling ran, as in Liszt, into the very tips of the fingers and there streamed out immediately." (Mendelssohn)

"The remembrance of Liszt's playing consoles me for no longer being young." (Saint-Saëns)

Year Date Pianist Cover Label Reference Comments
1956 n/a Alexander Borovsky Vox PL 9690 (LP) Published 1956. No recording date information.

Includes a substantial cut in étude no. 9.
1956 n/a Sviatoslav Richter Palexa CD-0537 Live recording, Moscow.

Although not complete (Richter performs nos. 1, 2,
3, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11), this is one of the exciting
performances one would wish to have attended.

Same eight études was recorded live in 1957 (SMC
CD 0056) and 1988 (Decca 475 8637).
1958 May Gunnar Johansen Artist Direct The piano music
of Liszt, album 4
Thanks to James P. Colias for advising the date
of recording on the basis of examination of the
master tape.

Études nos. 5, 6 and 10 are available on Marston

26, 27 September
19 December

25, 27 February
30 May
26 June
Georges Cziffra EMI CDM 7 69111 2 Earlier Cziffra interpretations of eleven études are
found on Hungaroton HCD 31569 (nos. 1, 2, 8, 9
recorded 1956) and Hungaroton HCD 32131 (nos.
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 recorded 1954, 1956). As such,
an alternative complete Cziffra set can be obtained
combining these Hungaroton recordings with his
1985/86 recording of no. 12 on EMI CDC 7 47562 2.
1959 27 February
25, 27 March
8 April
Lazar Berman BMG / Melodya 74321 25180 2 Originally published as a two-10" set on Melodya
D 5318/21.

Earlier Berman interpretations of eight études are
found on Piano Classics PCLD0022 (nos. 1, 3, 5, 6, 10,
11, 12 recorded 1950, 1953, 1956) and Hungaroton
HCD 31685 (nos. 8 and 11 recorded 1956).
1963 n/a Lazar Berman Victor VDC-1132
Originally published as a two-LP set on Melodya
C 10-04931-4 this recording was also licenced
by e.g. Deutsche Grammophon and EMI. Also
available as part of a three-CD set on Venezia
CDVE 00020. Only year of recording is indicated.
1968 February Louis Kentner Carlton 30371 00562 The original two-LP set Vox Turnabout TV 34224-25
was listed as a new release in the February 1968
issue of the Schwann catalogue. No recording date
1970 May, October Vladimir Ashkenazy Decca UCCD-9655 Regrettably, Ashkenazy only recorded seven études
(nos. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 11).

Earlier, stunning recordings of no. 5, Feux follets,
are found on Testament SBT 1047 (recorded 1957)
and Russian Disc RDCD 00374 (recorded live at the
1962 Tchaikovsky competition where he went on to
win first price, jointly with John Ogdon).
1970 10, 11 October Thomas McIntosh Minstrel n/a Originally published as a two-LP set on Unicorn
UNS 228 (nos. 1-9) and UNS 229 (nos. 10-12).
1970 11 October Jorge Bolet n/a n/a Non-commercial live recording at Indiana University,
1970 n/a Jorge Bolet Ensayo 3401 Earlier Bolet interpretations of nine études are found
on RCA Victor LM-2291 (nos. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and
11, recorded January 1958). Both recordings are part
of the 10-CD set Sony 88843014722.
1971 n/a Joseph Banowetz Educo 3084/3085 (LP) Live recording.

The year of 1971 as per Igor Chernyshev: An historical
and analytical survey of the transcendental etudes by
Sergei Liapunov, August 2007; the thesis is approved by
Banowetz. My copy of Educo 3084 is signed and dated
21 October 1971 by Banowetz. This could indicate date of
performance; however, is probably just date of signature.
1971 n/a Joseph Banowetz Educo 3084/3085 (LP) Live recording.

1826 version
Étude en douze exercices, S.136

Educo 3084 includes études nos. 1-7 in both versions;
Educo 3085 the remaining five études in both versions.
1973 n/a France Clidat Decca 476 4035 The original two-LP set Vega 8025/8026 was
published 1973. No recording date information.
1974 n/a Russell Sherman Vanguard ATM-CD-1488 First published by Advent on cassette D 1010 in 1974.
Also as a two-LP set on Vanguard SRV 354/5 SD in 1976.

Some internet sources indicate that the year of recording
is 1973; however this needs to be verified.
c. 1974 n/a Roman Rudnytsky Muza SXL 0940/1 (LP) The year of recording is based on Yuan Huang's
observation that the newspaper The Ukrainian Weekly
on 28 December 1974 mentioned the publication of
this recording.
1976 11 February Lazar Berman n/a n/a Non-commercial live recording at Carnegie Hall, New York.
1976 29 April Lazar Berman IDIS 6497/98 Live recording at Conservatorio Guiseppe Verdi, Milan.
March, May, November
Claudio Arrau Philips 416 458-2 This recording exists in numerous editions by Philips,
Decca and Pentatone.
1979 n/a Thomas Rajna CRD 1058/9 (LP) The two-LP set was published 1979. No recording date
information. Re-issued on Rajna's own label Amarantha
Records as a two-CD set, AR 901-2.
1979 n/a Thomas Rajna CRD 1058/9 (LP) 1826 version
Étude en douze exercices, S.136
1979 2 November Jorge Bolet n/a n/a Non-commercial live recording, Freiburg.

Audio cassette recorded by the American collector
"The Classical Pianist" (TCP). The cassette is dated
11/2/1979 and assuming this is American date
notation, the date of recording is 2 November and not
11 February 1979.
1980 4 June Michael Ponti Dante PSG9766 Live recording at Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall.
1981 10-13 June Michael Ponti Marco Polo 8.223126
1982 26 April Michael Ponti Leo Records LEO 8204 (LP) Live recording at Konzertsaal der Deutschen Bank,
1983 February Josef Bulva Orfeo S 083831 (LP)
1983 n/a Jerome Rose Medici Classics M20032 The original two-LP set Vox Cum Laude 2D-VCL 9082
states the year of recording as 1983. Some internet
sources further indicate the month of June; however,
this needs to be verified.

First CD transfer was on Vox VU 9022.
1985 March Jorge Bolet Decca 414 601-2
1986 19 January Roberto Cappello ItalCable ITC 9205 Live recording at Teatro Sistina, Rome.
1986 August László Simon BIS BIS-CD-369
1986 23, 24, 26 September Daniel Wayenberg Technosonic TSLP 8 (LP)
1988 27 May Jouni Somero Iton 60197 Concert performance at Robert Schumann Hochschule,
Düsseldorf, however without audience.
1988 August Vladimir Ovchinikov EMI CDC 7 49821 2
1988 August Janice Weber MCA MCAD 25890 1837 version
Douze grandes études, S.137

Weber plays the 1840 version of no. 4, i.e. Mazeppa, S.138.

On 19 May 1988 Weber performed the complete Douze
grandes études at Longy School of Music, Boston. Also
performances in London August 1988 and September 1989.
1988 September Michele Campanella Nuova Era 6736
1988 n/a Robert Leonardy TGFrecords 97.021 Published 1988. No recording date information.
1989 5-9 January Leslie Howard Hyperion CDA66357 Howard is the only pianist who has recorded all three
versions. Further, on CDA67193 Howard has recorded
the 1840 version of no. 4, i.e. Mazeppa, S.138.
1989 14 August Tzimon Barto n/a n/a Non-commercial live recording at Salzburg Festival.

Commercially Barto recorded études nos. 4 and 11 in
June 1988 on EMI CDC 7 49566 2.
1989 23 September Michael Ponti Klavins Music KM 004 Live recording at Klavierhaus Klavins, Bonn.

Ponti performs on the unique Klavins-Piano Model
370, an "upright grand piano"; probably the world's
biggest piano. Refer www.klavins-pianos.com.
1989 26-28 September Russell Sherman Albany Records TROY028-2
1990 September Fred Oldenburg Brilliant Classics 92457 Oldenburg performs on an 1842 Erard.
1992 March, June, July Aquiles Delle-Vigne Arcobaleno AAOC-93602
1992 11, 12 July Kemal Gekić JVC JVCC-6505-2 Gekić dedicates the recording to Alan Walker, author
of the three-volume Liszt biography - "the definitive
work to which all subsequent Liszt biographers will
aspire" (Schonberg) and which "goes beyond all norms
in the realm of musical biography" (Edmund Fuller).
1992 5, 9, 10 October Leslie Howard Hyperion CDA66771/2 1826 version
Étude en douze exercices, S.136
1993 20 November Victor Eresko CVE 15 11 95 003 Live recording at Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique, Paris.

Thanks to Leo Schmetterer for drawing attention to
this recording.
1994 3 February Alexander Paley n/a n/a 1837 version
Douze grandes études, S.137

Non-commercial video recording of concert performance
at Miller Theatre, New York.
1994 18-21 July Jenö Jandó Naxos 8.553119
1994 17-19 October Leslie Howard Hyperion CDA66973 1837 version
Douze grandes études, S.137
1994 December Claire-Marie Le Guay Auvers FAE001
c. 1994 n/a Alexander Paley Naxos Unpublished 1837 version
Douze grandes études, S.137
1995 16-18 February Jeffrey Swann Agora AG 015.1
1995 21-23 March Roswitha Lohmer PMP 95 95 - 2
1995 14-16 October Massimiliano Génot Phoenix Classics PH 96207 1826 version
Étude en douze exercices, S.136
April - July Boris Berezovsky Teldec 4509-98415-2
1996 n/a Boris Berezovsky n/a n/a Non-commercial video recording of concert performance
in Hungary.
1998 20-22 February Marco Pasini Phoenix Classics PH 98405
1998 23-25 March Yukio Yokoyama Sony SRCR 2295
1998 3, 5-7 April François-René Duchâble EMI 7243 5 56684 2 4
1999 8 March Gergely Bogányi AVISO Studio GB1105 Live recording at Academy of Music, Budapest.
1999 31 May - 2 June
12 July
2-4 November
Alfredo Perl Arte Nova 74321 71768 2
1999 14 December Nelson Goerner Cascavelle VEL 3029 Live recording at Studio Ansermet, Geneva.
2000 7 February Stanislav Yovanovitch Voyager Legends VL CD 09 Live recording at St John's Smith Square, London.
2000 21 July Nelson Goerner n/a n/a Non-commercial video recording of concert performance
at La Roque d'Anthéron.
2000 2-4 August Janina Fialkowska Opening Day
ODR 9322
2000 15 September Mikhail Lidsky Wakabayashi Kobo WKLC-7005 Live recording at Moscow Conservatory (Small Hall).
Peter Ritzen RMS 2101RE01-2
2001 January, August Freddy Kempf BIS BIS-CD-1210
2001 19-21 September Kazurou Ohi Deutsche
TKCC-15230 1826 version
Étude en douze exercices, S.136

Ohi also includes the 1837 version of nos. 6, 7, 9
and 11 as well as the 1851 version of no. 10.
2002 4 August Boris Berezovsky Naïve DR 2104 AV 103 Live recording at La Roque d'Anthéron.

The film reminds of the famous anecdote about
Emperor Franz Joseph speaking to pianist Alexander
Dreyschock after a concert: "I have heard all the
great players. But I never, never, never saw anybody
perspire as you do."
2002 3-6 August Yu Kosuge Sony SK 87315
2002 27 September Alessandro Ambrosoli KNS Classical KNS A/006
2002 September Christopher Taylor Liszt Digital LD005
2002 n/a Attr. Sergio Fiorentino Concert Artist CACD 9201-2 Allegedly recorded on 14 February 1955 and 16
February 1966 this disc, published 2002, may be
a hoax, as is the Hatto disc, refer below.
2003 30 January -
2 February
William Wolfram Naxos 8.557014 1826 version
Étude en douze exercices, S.136

Wolfram also includes the 1840 version of no. 4,
i.e. Mazeppa, S.138.
2003 29 May Dmytro Sukhovienko n/a n/a Non-commercial video recording of concert performance
at Philharmonic Hall, Kiev.
2003 16, 17 August Makoto Ueno Octavia Records
2004 1-3 March Massimo Gon Velut Luna CVLD 092 1837 version
Douze grandes études, S.137
2004 23 June Russell Sherman Avie DVD AV2174 Live recording at Angel Orensanz Center, New York.
2005 17-21 March Paolo Restani Amadeus AM 188-2
2005 9, 10 December Bertrand Chamayou Sony 88697 007082
2005 n/a Serouj Kradjian Warner Music Spain 5046774992 Published 2005. No recording date information.
2005 n/a Attr. Joyce Hatto Concert Artist CACD-9084-2
This "recording" is a hoax, refer www.farhanmalik.com:

Joyce Hatto's husband prepared at least three versions
of the Hatto Liszt Études d'exécution transcendante on
the basis of László Simon's complete recording and Minoru
Nojima's recording of no. 5, Feux follets. CACD-9084-2
exists in two versions.
2007 February Natalia Strelchenko Arena AR 07018
2007 12-14, 17, 18 March Miroslav Kultyshev Orfeo C 759 081 A
2008 18 February Cunmo Yin Shanghai Music
Publishing House
CD08034 Recorded at the age of 14.

Dimitris Sgouros was also 14 years old when he
recorded seven études (nos. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11)
in June 1984 on EMI CDC 7 49004 2.
2008 June Alice Sara Ott Deutsche
00289 477 8362
2009 June Nansong Huang Beijing Global
Publishing House
ISBN number:
Published June 2009. No recording date information.

Each étude video recorded without editing.
2009 29 August Stefania Passamonte Master Chord
1003 Live recording of private concert at Master Chord
Studio, London.

Thanks to Sean Rainey for clarifying information
about this recording.
2009 n/a Boris Berezovsky n/a n/a Non-commercial video recording of concert performance
in Moscow.

This may be the fastest recorded performance, last
chord is at 51:56.
2010 4-6 January Vesselin Stanev RCA Red Seal 88697 65844 2
2010 19-22 January Maurizio Baglini Decca 476 3882 Baglini also includes the 1837 version of nos. 4 and 5.
2010 27 May Maurizio Baglini n/a n/a Non-commercial video recording of concert performance
at Salle Gaveau, Paris.
2010 1-3 June Mariangela Vacatello Brilliant Classics 94250
2011 April Idil Biret IBA 8.571286 1826 version
Étude en douze exercices, S.136
2011 April Idil Biret IBA 8.571287 1837 version
Douze grandes études, S.137
2011 22-25 May Mélodie Zhao Claves CD 50-1110
2011 27 May Dmytro Sukhovienko Amiata Emozioni ae 1061 Live recording at Salle Paderewski, Lausanne.
2011 July Chong Park Ruby's Polka
Warner Music Korea
2011 8 October Diego Suárez Cougar Classics CC 1005 Live recording at College of Charleston, South Carolina.
2011 12 October Mélodie Zhao n/a n/a Non-commercial video recording of concert performance
at Victoria Hall, Geneva.
2011 n/a Gwhyneth Chen n/a n/a Non-commercial video recording of concert performance.
2011 n/a Boris Berezovsky n/a n/a Non-commercial audio recording claimed to be of a
concert performance in Lisbon.

As at his 2009 Moscow performance, extremely fast
tempi are applied. Feux Follets, for instance, is executed
in only 3:04.
2012 July Digital performance CD Baby /
1837 version
Douze grandes études, S.137

Digital performance by Simone Jennarelli/SmartCgArt.

Musicological edition based on a philological
2013 January Victor Krasovskiy n/a n/a Non-commercial video recording of concert performance
at Kiev's Music School.
3 June
Vadym Kholodenko Harmonia Mundi HMU907605 Live recording from the semifinals at the 2013 Van
Cliburn competition where Kholodenko was gold medalist.
Étude no. 9, however, is a 2008 Moscow studio recording.

A DVD of the semifinal's eleven études is published by
the Cliburn organisation.
2013 5-8 July Jean Muller JCH-Productions JCH 2014/01
2013 n/a Yoon Sejin n/a n/a 1826 version
Étude en douze exercices, S.136

Non-commercial video recording of concert performance.
2014 October Simone Jennarelli CD Baby /
1826 version
Étude en douze exercices, S.136
2014 9 December Daniil Trifonov n/a n/a Non-commercial video recording of concert performance
at Carnegie Hall, New York.

Liszt himself never performed the complete set in concert, nor did his students. However, on 18 April and 2 May 1838 Liszt performed nos. 6 and 9 in Vienna. Clara Schumann (1819-1896), severe critic of
Liszt, also learned, if not performed, no. 9 in the 1837 version. As per Yuan Huang's research, the world premiere performance of the complete set in both the 1837 and the 1851 versions could be by
Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924): On 7 February 1903 Busoni gave a recital at Beethoven-Saal, Berlin; the concert programme reads "24 Grandes études d'exécution transcendante" which is a combination
of the titles of the 1837 and 1851 versions. As editor of Liszt's complete études (Breitkopf & Härtel, 1910-1911), Busoni was well aware of the different titles of the three versions; however while the concert
programme to another Busoni recital, on 31 October 1911, reads "Grandes études d'exécution transcendante" and thus indicating the 1837 version, it was actually the 1851 version that was performed on
that occasion. However, since Liszt used the prefix "24" exclusively for the 1837 version, this may support that Busoni did indeed perform the complete 1837 version on 7 February 1903 at Beethoven-Saal,
Berlin. The following year Busoni gave three all-Liszt recitals at same venue. The first recital on 15 December 1904 included the complete 1851 version as well as the complete Paganini-Études, also in
their 1851 version (the concert programme reads "12 Études d'exécution transcendante" and "Grandes études d'après les caprices de Paganini"). Alas, Busoni only recorded étude no. 5, Feux follets, and
regrettably it was recorded by the problematic reproducing piano roll system. The Duo-Art 5686 recording was released in October 1915 and is reproduced on Nimbus Records NI 8810. After Busoni, the
next complete performance of the 1851 version was probably by Swiss pianist Gottfried Staub (1861–1937) on 5 November 1907 at Stadt-Casino, Basel, Switzerland. Although Claudio Arrau (1903-1991)
stated in 1976 that the 1837 version "would not be able to be played in concert by anyone", Busoni's feat was followed by Janice Weber in 1988 and Alexander Paley in 1994, refer details above. Also Ian
Hobson has performed the complete 1837 version on at least two occasions, on 14 June 2002 in London and on 1 March 2011 in Illinois. The first recording of an 1837 version étude was probably by John
Ogdon (1937-1989), who on 20 January 1970 recorded no. 11, available on BBC Music BBCL 4089-2. First acoustic recording of an 1851 version étude was by Liszt student Arthur Friedheim (1859-1932),
who on 1 July 1912 recorded no. 5, Feux follets, originally published on Columbia 517/30931 and transferred to CD on Pearl 9972. First piano roll of an 1851 version étude was by Emil von Sauer (1862-1942),
also a Liszt student, who in November 1905 recorded a Welte-Mignon piano roll of no. 4, Mazeppa, transferred to CD on Pierian 0039.

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